About Us

Nature’s Emporium was established in 1993, with the central goal of introducing and providing a healthy and natural lifestyle to our community!

We’ve always worked hard to achieve this, through creative values and dedication to the details - and by offering the world's best natural and organic foods backed by a dedicated family who truly cares about you and your health!

In offering farm-fresh, local, exclusively organic produce, natural vitamins and supplements, grass-fed, traditionally raised meats, sustainable seafood, organic and natural groceries, gluten-free, vegan raw foods, and an incredible variety in natural skincare, cosmetics and personal care supplies safe for the whole family (baby too!), we continue to make good on our commitment to you, your family and the world we all share together!

Nature's Emporium Health, Beauty and Supplement Team

From our humble beginnings in a small 4,000 sq. ft. location, to our current homes in Newmarket, Vaughan and Burlington, every step of our growth has been thanks to the incredible support from each of you, and from our community beyond.

Many of you have been with us since the beginning; some of you are just now getting to know our store. To the former, I offer special thanks. To the latter, I say: welcome! I think we have built something truly special here, and I am excited to share in it with you all.

As we grow, we will keep doing our very best to assist you in maintaining a balanced and healthy life style. And, as always, I encourage you to continue to keep sharing your suggestions and thoughts which have made that possible. Until then…

Eat well…live better!

See you at the store!

Joe D’Addario
President, Nature's Emporium


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