Meet Our New Makeup Artist:

Go from conventional to clean, all natural, plant-based cosmetics and skin-care with Grace - our new Makeup Artist, now on-site at our Vaughan location.

Discover the Plant-Based Skin Care Solutions Your Skin Needs to Thrive:

Did you know that your skin - your body's largest organ - absorbs much of what you put on it? Or that the products you use - and the ingredients within them - can nourish its wellness, or cause long term harm?

Whether you're just now considering making the transition from conventional to clean, or are already enjoying the benefits of natural and organic cosmetics, Grace - our resident makeup artist - can help you select the perfect natural product picks for your unique skin's needs.

The best part? She's now on-site at our Vaughan location, offering complimentary walk-in advice and recommendations as well as pre-booked appointments.


New Services, Now Available at Nature's Emporium Vaughan:

  • Makeup Applications
  • Expert Product Recommendations
  • Personalised Consultations

About Grace:

Grace brings 20 years of experience in the cosmetics industry. She’s a skilled makeup artist who’s worked with top brands from around the world. Now, she’s excited to share the journey into the world of all natural, plant-based health and beauty with you!

Book Your Appointment with Grace Today!

Experience the benefits of all-natural, organic, plant-based skin care with our expert makeup artist, and learn how simple it can be to make the transition from conventional to clean. 


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