Guest Post: Raising the Bar with GoMacro, by Kirsty Dunne

Kirsty Dunne On the Go with Go Macro Energy Bar

Get the scoop on my current top pick for a great energy bar on the go – GoMacro!

People are always asking me what the best energy bars are. With so many choices, it can be confusing. Also, many labels are misleading and mask the amount of sugar. After all, you want a grab and go snack that will fill you up and leave you feeling energized, not one that leaves you feeling like you just ate a chocolate bar. Plus, some bars can leave you feeling heavy, bloated or gassy, while wreaking havoc on your digestion.

What’s more, we’re faced with an overwhelming amount of nutritional buzz words. It’s no longer just full-fat, low-fat or no-fat. We’re now hit with organic, raw, vegan, super food, gluten-free, non-GMO and many more.

There’s also the question of how the bar was prepared. For me, that is becoming one of the most important factors when choosing an energy bar. If care is taken to prepare your bar in the right way, you can rest assured that it also likely has quality ingredients.

To Heat or Not to Heat?

Cold-processed products are becoming increasingly available, not only in juice form, but in bars too. Cold-pressed bars are manufactured by mixing ingredients in a machine and pressing them into the shape of a bar. By using this process, rather than cooking with heat, the bars maintain a lot more of their nutrients, making the nutritional value a lot higher.

Why cold-pressed? Heating damages some of the nutrients, diminishing the nutritional value. Cold-pressed bars are also easier to digest. That’s why I love the cold-press bar movement!

On the Go, with GoMacro

One of my favourite finds at Nature’s Emporium is the new GoMacro. Not only are they cold-pressed, but also they come in a variety of great flavours.

The bars have a nut-butter base that’s both chewy and filling. They’re also made with other simple, clean ingredients that are all certified vegan, gluten-free, organic, raw, clean, kosher and non-GMO.

You might be thinking “there are all those buzz words again.” The difference here is that this bar really stands behind what it says. Plus, cold pressing retains the quality of the ingredients.

I also find that GoMacro bars offer the perfect combination of high protein and planted-based ingredients, so they keep your blood sugar stable and satisfy your appetite. You won’t eat a bar and then crave food again 30 minutes later.

My favourite flavour is Everlasting Joy. I admit to having a sweet tooth, and the few chocolate chips added with coconut and almond butter fulfill my guilty pleasures without making me feel like I’ve just eaten a candy bar. Remember, it’s all about balance!

To top it off, I love the cause behind the brand. The founder Amelia is from my home city, London – England. She has an amazing story of how this healthy line of products evolved from her upbringing on a small farm and her amazing memories of gardening with her mother. Everything about GoMacro aligns perfectly with my wellness values. Plus, a portion of all proceeds go to feeding the homeless. What more could you want in a bar?

About Kirsty:

Renowned celebrity fitness expert and juicing guru Kirsty Dunne’s philosophy for better health is simple: It Begins Within. That’s why she’s devoted herself to creating transformative programs that target all aspects of healthy living and produce noticeable results in as little as 21 days.

Kirsty and Nature’s have partnered up to launch an exclusive line of Organic, Cold-Pressed Juices – the Lifestyle Detox Program, which includes a free healthy meal planning guide – available exclusively on our website. Click HERE to check out the Lifestyle Detox kit!

Learn more about our partnership with Kirsty here: Nature’s and Kirsty Dunne Partnership Announcement.

Visit her website here: Kirsty Dunne’s Website

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