Frequently Asked Questions

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We receive a wide variety of questions about the many products we carry in our stores every day. That's why we've decided to include some of the most common ones, along with their answers, in our FAQ.

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Is your produce Organic?

Yes! Absolute all of our fresh produce is certified organic – often sourced from local, small-scale producers.

Are all of your products Organic?

Not every product we carry in-store is certified organic.

We carry many excellent natural products from local producers and vendors from around the world.

However, if you’re solely looking for organic, we recommend that you always read the label, and look for organic certification labels on the back of every package you’re picking up!

Do you carry local produce & products?

Absolutely! Many of our products – including our fresh, always organic produce – are sourced from local producers.

Our local partners include: Pfenning’s Organic Farm, Greenbelt Greenhouse, Yorkshire Valley Organics and hundreds more!
Are your prepared foods really made in-house?

Every meal served on our hot tables or at our Organic salad bar is prepared fresh in-store, using the same amazing ingredients you’ll find on our shelves, by our culinary team – something we take a lot of pride in!

We believe there’s a big difference in quality, and flavour, when food is made right here in-store with love by our team – that’s why we go the extra mile!

Do you sell products online?

Not yet! However, as soon as we do, you’ll be the first to know – if you subscribe to our email newsletter, by clicking here!

In the meantime, if you’re not near a Nature’s Emporium, and there’s a special product you’re looking for, we may be able to pick it from our shelves and ship it to you directly.

Simply send us an email, including the product name and quantity you’re looking for, by contacting us HERE and we’ll respond to you with the next steps!

Do you guarantee your products?

Absolutely! We stand behind our products, and guarantee your satisfaction.

Have an issue with a product you’ve purchased from Nature’s Emporium? No problem! Simply return it – with a receipt – and we’ll exchange or refund the product for your full purchase price.*

*Some exceptions apply. Please note, a small number of items may be excluded from this policy including, but not limited to: professional lines of vitamins & supplements. Ask a customer service representative for full details.

Can you provide me with a price through email or phone?

Please note: as a general rule, we do not provide pricing over the phone or email.

As pricing may fluctuate frequently due to in-store sales and reductions, your best bet is to check in-store for the latest info!

In the meantime, you can take advantage of great savings and specials by signing up to receive our latest flyers first through our email newsletters – simply click here!

Do you carry Forskolin?

Yes – we do! We carry Forskolin from Enzymatic Therapy and more!

Do you carry Garcinia Cambogia?

Yes – we do! We carry Garcinia Cambogia from Himalaya Herbs, ThinSlim, Thin Tab, Waist Away, Organika, Herbal Slim, Genesis, Novacare & more!

Do you carry Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Yes – we do! We carry Green Coffee Bean Extract from Waist Away, Naka, Natural Factors, Novacare, Absorb, Organika & more!

Do you carry Raspberry Ketones?

Yes – we do! We carry Raspberry Ketones from Herbal Slim, Sunforce, Wisdom of Nature, Thin Slim, Organika, Novacare & more!

Do you sell Haskap Berries?

Yes – we do! We carry a variety grown in Nova Scotia called Haskapa, in juice & dried form!

Do you carry Grass-Fed meats?

Absolutely! We carry grass-fed & finished beef products from several sustainable producers, including Heritage Cattle Co., Brooker’s Meat, Field-Gate & Beretta Farms.

We invite you to come and taste the difference for yourself!

Do you carry sustainable seafood options?

Yes! We believe that our oceans are a precious resource for the next generation.

That’s why all of our seafood options are sourced from sustainable fisheries – including our very own line of sustainable fish!

Do you carry Gluten-Free products?

Yes – we do! We carry hundreds of incredibly tasty gluten-free options for those suffering from gluten-intolerance, celiac disease or simply those looking to increase the variety in their diet!

Our featured brands include Aidan’s, Ener-G, Udi’s, Jennifer’s and many, many more!

Do you carry cloth diapers?

Sure do! We carry cloth diapers – and a huge variety of other sustainable, baby-friendly and planet-friendly products in our Green Living aisle, from brands like Bum Genius, GDiapers and many more!

Do you carry Bentonite Clay?

Yes we do! We carry Bentonite clay in powdered form by Redmond in 283g packages.

Do you carry Diatomaceous Earth?

Yes – we do! We carry varieties from Perma-Guard, in 500g, 1kg and 2kg packages.