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Share in a global commitment to tomorrows oceans, with our new sustainably sourced fresh fish and seafood options - now available in our sustainable seafood department!

At Nature's Emporium, we believe that the world's oceans and waterways are a precious resource for the next generation.

That's why we've introduced our own line of sustainably sourced fresh fish & seafood - our 'Sustainable Selections'!

In order to bring our Sustainable Selections home to you, we've partnered with industry leading suppliers to gather a premium catch from the world's most sustainable fisheries, ensuring that every purchase of our Sustainable Selections represents a vote for tomorrows oceans.

Learn more about our Sustainable Selections below!

Our Standards
Our Sustainable Selections are always sourced through the OCEANPRIME® SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD PROGRAM GUIDING PRINCIPLES OceanPrime recognizes its role in helping ensure a sustainable future for the seafood we buy and sell, and the overall health of our oceans. As one of the leading seafood brands in Canada, we aim to be a model of sustainability in the Canadian seafood marketplace and to emerge as a proactive leader that is well positioned to supply sustainable seafood products to our consumers.
Commit to developing and implementing a comprehensive, corporate policy on sustainable seafood.
Assess and monitor the environmental sustainability of our seafood products.
Support environmentally responsible seafood choices through purchasing decisions.
Make information regarding our seafood products publicly available.
Educate our customers, suppliers, employees and other key stakeholders about environmentally responsible seafood.
Engage in and support policy and management reforms that leads to positive environmental outcomes in fisheries and aquaculture management. By purchasing Nature’s Emporium Sustainable Selections, you’re making a commitment to the next generation – ensuring a global precious resource will continue to nourish millions!
Our Sources
OceanPrime, the supplier for our complete Sustainable Selections line, is a leading seafood importer and marketer of quality fresh and frozen fish and seafood. Sustainability is a critical factor in sourcing the products they make available to us. As an organization, they work with many fishing companies to promote sustainable seafood as well as asking them to improve their sustainability. Working with Seachoice and other fishing companies, OceanPrime can do its part by sourcing sustainable seafood in order to have ‘a Fresh Catch Today for Tomorrow’s Oceans’. For more information on OceanPrime, please visit their website by Clicking Here! WHAT IS SUSTAINABLE SEAFOOD? Sustainable seafood is fish or shellfish that is caught or farmed in ways that consider the long-term viability of harvested populations and the ocean’s health and ecological integrity. Choosing sustainable seafood is an effective way to support the best practices in the fishing and aquaculture industries to ensure our ocean resources last long into the future.
Our Selections
Our Sustainable Selections include a variety of fresh fish – both wild caught and farm-grown – all sourced from sustainable fisheries using sound, sustainable fishing practices. Currently, we offer fresh Salmon, Tilapia, Wild Alaskan Cod and many more.

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